• Ice It! Pump - Foot & Ankle Cold + Compression Wrap

Ice It! Pump - Foot & Ankle Cold + Compression Wrap

One size fits most * Carefully designed for targeted compression and cold therapy * Combining compression with cold enhances the effect of cold therapy leading to more effective pain relief and faster recovery * The handy press-to-stay straps allows you to comfortably move around during use * Use the pump to customize the pressure to fit your needs and to press the cold to the painful/injured area for maximum pain relief * The gel formulation stays cold longer than other gel packs and remains flexible when frozen * Gel packs have double-sealed seams and are leakproof reusable and latex-free * A larger hand-held bulb pump makes it easier than other wraps to compress and can be detached if desired during use * For Foot & Ankle *

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  • $116.04