• NerveBeam LED IR RedLight & IR Therapy Wrap

NerveBeam LED IR RedLight & IR Therapy Wrap

The Nerve Beam LED wrap is a high-powered LED red light and infrared therapy device that delivers low-level but intense light energy into the body * Red light (660nm) - visible and most effective on the surface of the skin * Red light is within the long end of the visible spectrum with wavelengths of 630nm-700nm * Red light LED diodes treat topically and have an analgesic effect and create an anti-inflammatory response * LED therapy uses a broad spectrum of red light and infrared therapy to drive very effective pain-relieving therapy results * Adjustable straps to use anywhere on the body * 525 Individual LED diodes * Reaches temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit * nfrared light (830nm and 850nm)- invisible and is effective for use on the surface but also in penetrating the skin by about 1.5inches into the body * Infrared LED diodes go deep into the tissue to deliver therapeutic pain relief and promote your body's own natural healing processes * Relieve joint pain Inflammation Sleep Optimization Muscle Recovery Cognitive Function Peripheral Neuropathy Pain Relief and Increase Circulation * Kit includes:LED wrap Adjustable Straps Power Supply Link Cables & Users Guide * 1 year warranty

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