• Ostomy Protector  Large 38 -42

Ostomy Protector Large 38 -42

Large Circumference 38-42 * Dry ProTM is the only ostomy protector with the watertight vacuum seal * The Dry ProTM is made of durable high quality surgical latex * Measure around the area of your body where the Dry ProTM will cover * Make sure the protector will fit snug and flush around the skin * 1 year guarantee * The ostomy pouch stays dry and in place * DRYPro Ostomy Protectors will keep your ostomy dry during ANY water activity * Now you can swim bathe shower enjoy hydrotherapy or dive without getting your ostomy wet * Our patented pump creates a water tight vacuum seal that offers protection that cannot be found in modified garbage bag products * Unlike modified garbage bags products our patented vacuum sealed product cannot come off you cant even pull it off * Plus its comfortable to wear and easy to put on * Measure around the circumference at the Stoma or around the waist area

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  • $97.75